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Ribbon Mat

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Ribbon Mat

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Primary Heat system

Belies the two most popular misconceptions about under-floor heating. That it is unpleasantly hot to touch and that it is expensive to run.   Using 21st century heating ribbon technology Primary Heat is proving a big hit with consumers, builders and developers looking for alternatives to a traditional boiler heating system. The system releases radiant heat, which can lead to dramatic cost savings over conventional heating systems.   Each room is controlled by a thermostat and can be set to a different temperature and there is no need for radiators, maximising wall space. Completely safe and requiring no maintenance, it’s suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories as well as for living rooms and bedrooms. Unobtrusive and suitable for use under most floor coverings including wood, carpet, tile and vinyl, the system consists of crystalline ribbon metal alloy matting. Because the ribbons are very thin and have no mass to store the heat, almost 100% of the power it uses is converted into heat. The Primary Heat mats cover around 25% to 30% of the total floor area; this allows the installation to operate at a lower temperature of around 20- 22ºC, providing more comfortable warmth. Hardly any energy is wasted which makes it cost effective.”   Primary Heat under-floor heating mats are available in widths of half a metre and one metre. The thermostat is fully programmable with an LCD screen and an ambient air temperature and floor temperature sensor. Depending on the floor covering, therm-a-mat insulation boards and palviz insulation rolls are available to offer thermal and sound insulation.



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