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Envoy Multi Underlay 10m2

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Envoy Multi Underlay 10m2
  • Manufacturer: AB
  • Model: AB
  • Variant: Black
  • R.R.P: £80.00
  • Our Price: £47.30

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Product Information

1m x 10m Roll Envoy Multi Underlay used for all your wood and engineered flooring ,save on time reducing labour cost ,messy glues and solvents in your home and can be walked on as the job is finished please call for a sample 01244 550854

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Envoy Multi Adhesive Wood and Laminate Flooring Underlay

Envoy Multi adhesive underlay for wood flooring makes installation quick and easy with no nails or messy resin glues.

Envoy 'Multi' makes the ideal base for installation of engineered wood flooring. It ensures a more solid feel than simply 'floating' the floor over a conventional underlay as the flooring is actually held firmly in place by the adhesive film. It also makes installation of solid wood floors possible on stone or concrete sub-floors. Envoymulti Self Adhesive Underlay - Works with all underfloor heating systems.

Envoy multi underlay is a laying system and sub floor in one. Envoy multi is a strong elastic underlay with an adhesive layer on one side designed to be used with prefinished solid wood and engineered flooring. Your flooring will be tight and seamless as a result of the contraction forces envoy multi has on the flooring. Envoy multi adhesive underlay can be installed on wood flooring of any thickness or finish. An Envoy multi subfloor provides excellent thermal insulation and acoustic isolation. Installation of Envoy multi is quick and easy due to it's tongue and groove fit.

Supports quick installation...

The installation will save you time and money due to the ease of it's speedy installation. You will not believe the speed in which a parquet floor can be layed onto Envoymulti, you will be amazed! Using Envoymulti underlay it can take less than half the time to have your floor fully installed than standard underlay!

Creates satisfied customers...

The resilient Envoymulti foam sheet keeps the wooden parquet floor neatly in place. Thanks to the adhesive layer no seams will develop, even when installed on floor heating. Result being: a smoothly finished and strong floor. Comfortable and silent. Envoymulti is also ideal for your projects: your customer will be up and running in really no time at all. That counts!

Increases your turnover...

Because Envoymulti takes so much less time you will be able to save money on the time it takes to fit the flooring, you can charge less for your services and make more sales as a result of this. Customers will be satisfied at the speed and quality in which the job get's done.

Simple installation...

The underlay is laid in 1m widths in the opposite direction of the new flooring. The new flooring is then installed a row at a time. The peel off film is then pulled off the underlay beneath the wood flooring ensuring a strong and even bond. Should your new wood floor expand or contract at any time, the Envoy will expand and contract with it, helping to eliminate unsightly gaps in the boards.

3mm thick - 1m wide - cut to length to suit.