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Devireg 550 Silver

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Devireg 550 Silver
  • Manufacturer: DEVI
  • Model: Devireg 550
  • Variant: Silver
  • R.R.P: £82.35
  • Our Price: £69.50

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Product Information


devireg™ 550. The thermostat that thinks!
devireg™ 550 is a fully programmable 7 day combined timer and thermostat.

The thermostats' in-built intellgence continually learns from its environment, and is able to calculate the pre-heat period accordingly on a daily basis. For example, if the thermostat is set to achieve 22ºC at 7am, the devireg™ 550 will calculate the exact time the heating should be turned on to reach this temperature. During the year it will also continually adjust itself to the climate situation.

The pro-active devireg™ 550.
devireg™ 550 uses a sophisticated, unique regulator which enables it to work actively with comfort parameters, room temperature and economy, in order to improve on comfort and at the same time, save on energy.

When the outdoor temperature drops, any thermostat controlled heating system will react by compensating the greater heat loss by increasing the floor temperature. devireg™ 550 however, is programmed to understand, that if the floor temperature is higher, the air temperature can be lowered a little - at the same comfort level. So, if the floor temperature is increased by +1°C, the air temperature will be decreased by -0,2°C, thus saving up to 10% energy compared to ordinary thermostats.

Network Control
You can also set up your heating system in a network. Then you can control all thermostats by either a master devireg™ 550 or connect a devicom™ PC PRO.

Make the most of your thermostat

devireg™ 550 has a long list of features, designed to improve and optimize you heating system. For example devireg™ 550 has an adjustable maximum temperature that must be used when installing heating in underneath or within wooden floors. The devireg™ 550 will not react to a very sudden fall in temperature, because it is most likely just a temporarily occurrance. And the list goes on and on...

Temperature range+5º to +50ºC or OFF
Floor temperature range+20º to +50ºC
Voltage180-250 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Load250 V ~ 16 A
Inductive Loadcosφ= 0,3 max. 1 A
Battery back up>100 hours
Economy set-back0º to -15ºC
Off-set-5,5º to +5,5ºC
IP ClassIP 30
Type of sensorNTC; 15kΩ / 25ºC
Dimensions (W / H / D)85mm x 85mm x 48mm