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Underfloor Heating Mats

Advantages of Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Is this a New concept?

Underfloor heating has been a tried and tested method for over 2000 years, first initiated by the Romans for their use in public baths and the larger private accommodations.

Although technology has changed considerably over the years, the idea is still virtually the same as it ever was, - by heating a large area at a lower temperature this in effect produces a more efficient and sound way of heating.

Underfloor Heating v- Radiators


Our Underfloor Heating Systems are radiant systems and when used with insulation become even more cost effecteive and warm up times are considerably reduced. Our Underfloor Heating Systems are used to warm a larger floor area at a lot lower temperature.

Modern times call for Modern Measures planning your space has never been so important and with our invisible underfloor heating systems there is no more need for bulky radiators just clean lines giving you that professional interior design feel.

Be Safe Never have you felt so safe with young children and the elderly no hot radiators to fall against so you can relax more easily.


The conventional radiator heats a room via heat (Higher temperatures higher heating bills). The hot air it produces is directed towards the ceiling and falls as it cools.

This creates a stuffy and unpleasant environment within the home and can irritate chest and asthmatic symptoms, by circulating not only air but dust through the room.

Have you noticed that nine times out of ten a radiator is placed directly under a window this can promote heat loss through your window and walls again resulting in higher heating bills and extreme energy loss.


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